Women’s Bible Study – Start Your Own Study

Are you a Christian woman looking for a way to meet and interact with other women who share your faith?

If so, starting a women’s bible study is a great way to fellowship with other Christian women and to share the how God has moved in your life. But more importantly, a studying the bible is a good way to hold yourself and others accountable to read God’s Word on a consistent basis.

Working Out the Logistics of the Study

Before getting started, be sure you are committed to the idea of a women’s bible study. If you are interested in starting a bible study then you should be prepared to oversee the process. This does not imply that you must do all of the work yourself, but a fruitful bible study needs a leader to organize the particulars. This leadership role is a big responsibility that needs to be considered carefully and prayerfully.

Once you are ready to commit yourself to leading the study, it is time to consider the logistics:

o Are you willing to host the study in your own home? If not, you will need to find someone else who is willing to play hostess. Don’t forget about childcare.

o You will need to identify a discussion leader either yourself or someone else. This role could also be shared by a few different women to avoid having one person being overburdened.

o Choose on a format. Consider how often the group should get together. Every other week may be a schedule to start.

o Decide on your study curriculum. Will use an established women’s bible study guide or just walk your way through a book of the bible?

If you decide on using an established study guide you will need to locate a recommended resource. Do some research online and check your local Christian bookstore. Once you have identified some study guide candidates, schedule a meeting with your Pastor to get his input on your ideas.

Final Preparations and Invitations

Once you have worked out the logistics and received your Pastor’s approval you are ready to start recruiting participants. Talk to some of your friends at church and ask them to spread the information around. Ask your Pastor to make an announcement after your church service and put a notice in your church bulletin with your contact information.

Also, don’t overlook inviting some of your friends and neighbors who are unbelievers. You may think that unbelievers would be uncomfortable at a bible study, but you would be surprised how many stay at home moms are interesting in making new friends.

Stay committed to your plans and pray that God would bless your efforts. You may be surprised by how encouraging and fruitful a women’s bible study can be.

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