The Aim of Religion

It is not certain that anyone has tried to prepare a list of all forms of religion that one can come across worldwide. A great deal of people make a living out of religion. We can state the obvious by saying that they seem to have made an excellent choice of profession. What makes the practice of religion so overpowering is the human perception of the awesome GOD.

The most illustrative evidence of GOD is in the writings of Moses as part of the Bible. The presence of GOD was almost palpable. There has never been a comparable experience to that the Jews had with GOD. We shall not attempt to turn this occasion into a review of those events. However, there is nothing to diminish the authenticity of those events.

Man looks up to GOD in moments of grave difficulties, and the future threatens everything calamitous. The most obvious way to approach GOD is through religion. Those who believe in GOD, but practice religion as a matter of convenience, seek those who are more conversant with seeking GOD. Some have no confidence in their religion to provide the help sought. Therefore, they turn to other form of religion. The others seem to have enough confidence to approach the LORD GOD at any time.

Those who believe in religion accept the existence and the supreme power of GOD over the entire creation. It is rather curious that they do not reckon with the fairness of GOD to treat all men equal. It becomes obvious anyway when moment of unequalness occurs. Otherwise, all men irrespective of what you may choose as profession, are equal before GOD.

We live in a physical world. Under suitable conditions, all things in the physical are visible. It seems that GOD does not belong to our physical world. Religion is the vehicle of access. Since GOD is not physical, He must have His existence in the Spiritual. In that case, the approach that matters must be spiritual.

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