Should Religious People Condemn the Non-Religious As Non-Believers in God?

Religious people are snobs when it comes to labelling genuine God seeking people as atheists or non-believers in a real God. The former defy the truth as they engage in worship of idols, man-made prayers, false gods, and things like forgiveness of sins and an eternal life in heaven or hell. These things defy reality and people who escape religion and its chains have been brought out of them by the Spirit, to whom they connect.

Many of the latter are caught up in religious beliefs because they have been brain-washed into accepting that only there can they be in touch with God. But the Spirit has shown me otherwise.

Following my reincarnation, which disproves heaven and hell and most of what religious leaders claim, I was commissioned by the Spirit to take God off the cross. It took time, years in fact, to be educated into what that and other commissions meant and how they could be accomplished.

Given visions on many occasions in 1983 the Spirit showed me pictured on the Internet. That was a great mystery as no one in my circles had any inkling of that medium. Today, my face is all over it on web-sites, in articles, and through the work that is now being accomplished.

So God speaks to many people and it is appealing to those with their spiritual link in tact to wake up and free themselves from the chains that are binding them to male power. It is not a man but the Great Spirit of the Universe. We have all reincarnated and are in the last days, when it is promised in prophecies that all people will stand in their bodies.

The enormous number of people accounted for is testimony to that event. It is also proven in the number of people who have recall of reincarnation and are stating their experience on videos and in other places. Those who are in situations of sexual insecurity are also feeling the effects of changing sex due to that experience.

It is not up to anyone to judge where others are at in relation to their spirituality but to accept that the Truth is coming out, religions are failing, and the world is on the brink of a cataclysmic event. All noted in God’s plan in the Prophecies.

Those who oppose God and hurt others are to be done away with. It’s there to read and understand if they have a mind to. If they won’t accept what the Spirit laid down and prefer a quagmire of confusion and mystery they have no link. So why infer that others who are unlike them are atheists? If they check their thoughts before passing judgement they may realise that non-religious people have a closer link to the real God than they do and have escaped the shackles.

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