Christian Guitar Tabs

Christian music is the only genre that encourages a sense of people drawing together rather than an expression of individualism. I guess competitiveness still reigns supreme in Christian music with people secretly, or otherwise, trying to out-sing, out-play or out-praise each other.

The forms of music that praises God follow the other musical genres fairly closely. Even gospel singing shares roots with blues music. There is Christian music that has its musical basis in rock and roll, in country, metal, you name it. The music sounds the same as secular music, but the content of the lyrics is vastly different.

Broadly speaking, Christian songs express a person’s hope of salvation or faith in God. They can tell a story of an individual going on a downhill slide and getting the strength to reclaim their life through faith in God. Or a Christian song can be about how great heaven is going to be compared to how basically unrewarding this life on earth is. Whatever the message, it has its roots in the life of an individual and its musical basis in the local culture.

Of course, not all Christians go for the idea of expressing religious feelings through a music that is usually used to express sentimental love and sexual lust. The main argument in the case for using popular music to carry the Christian message is that it meets potential converts on their own ground. Many Christians believe the effectiveness of Christian rock music to carry a spiritual message is undermined by people in the church who do not like rock music and want to keep young people away from it.

Country music has a very strong Christian leaning. Historically country music has always been about the trials of life and love, and often refers to the fact that we are being watched by God. Christian country music is greatly influenced by Gospel music. Glen Campbell, a country music star for longer than most people have been alive, often includes worship music in his repertoire. Tennessee Ernie Ford was another country music great who was recognized for his recordings of gospel songs.

So where, if we are interested in learning Christian songs, are there guitar tabs available for us to learn? If you go to the Christian Guitar Resources, you will find thousands of Christian songs by hundreds of different artists. You can even submit your own tab of a song. The difficulty with sorting out which songs you want to learn is that music celebrating Christianity has divided into several different genres with different ways of expressing their Christianity through music and varying philosophical ideas on life and religion.

If you do not already have some kind of affiliation with a Christian group or organization, you can just do a web search for «Christian guitar tabs». This will give you a large number of general tab archives with Christian tab collections or sites that collect Christian guitar tabs exclusively. Perusing the lyrics of these Christian songs will help you decide the effectiveness of these songs in bringing people to Christianity.

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